Custom solutions for student health & wellness

Prioritizing Behavioral Health and Comprehensive Well-Being

Putting the mental and behavioral health of our students front and center is our unwavering commitment. In the midst of managing rigorous coursework, extracurricular activities, family responsibilities, and vibrant social lives, students often find their mental and emotional well-being taking a backseat.

Our signature offering, ALC One, adopts a comprehensive approach that places a strong emphasis on nurturing the health & wellness of each and every student. We recognize the dynamic and diverse needs of our students and have tailored our solutions to meet them precisely where they are, providing easy and immediate access to the vital resources essential for their overall well-being, with a particular focus on behavioral health.

Behavioral Health Solutions

Through our comprehensive behavioral health solutions, our primary goal is to empower students to not just exist, but to thrive and live their best, most fulfilling life.


Our Therapy Program serves as a strategic solution to bridge the gap in provider shortages and mitigate the expenses associated with mental health care. Through our program, you can expand access to high-quality care for a greater number of your students by seamlessly connecting them with behavioral health providers, all while integrating seamlessly with your pre-existing on-campus resources.

24/7 On-demand Counseling

Whether a student is facing a crisis or seeks a supportive ear, our seasoned counselors stand ready around the clock, offering immediate, on-demand assistance. They provide attentive listening, conduct comprehensive intake sessions, and expertly steer students towards the ideal resources when ongoing support is warranted.


Our Psychiatry Program plays a vital role in addressing the shortage of healthcare providers by seamlessly connecting your students with our extensive network of board-certified psychiatrists, all accessible across every state. This program empowers patients to schedule consultations with these specialized professionals for thorough medication evaluations and expert medication management.

Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program (cCBT)

Our discreet Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (cCBT) program unfolds across seven engaging and interactive online sessions spanning seven weeks. Students benefit from expert guidance provided by a certified counselor who offers personalized, supportive assistance via both email correspondence and telephone support. This tailored approach ensures a highly individualized and enriching experience.

Mindfulness Program

AWARE is meticulously crafted to empower students in stress management and achieving equilibrium. Our expert specialists provide members with invaluable tools and techniques essential for excelling in their collegiate journey. This comprehensive program encompasses telephonic counseling sessions, personalized practice plans, unrestricted access to mindfulness exercises, and digital resources such as practice plan journals and guided mindfulness exercises.

Additional Health & Wellness Solutions

In addition to our extensive behavioral health solutions, we offer a wide spectrum of comprehensive services and resources that extend beyond mental well-being, ensuring a holistic support system that addresses diverse aspects of students’ lives.


With our telemedicine service, we deliver healthcare that’s truly hassle-free and within reach. Our program grants around-the-clock, year-round access to a telemedicine network that delivers precise and rapid care right from the comfort of your phone or computer. In just minutes, students can be seamlessly connected with a certified physician who can diagnose, treat, and often provide prescriptions for non-emergency health concerns.

Healthcare Liaison

With our healthcare liaison services, students gain a dedicated and informed advocate who is there to unravel complex medical jargon, elucidate treatment choices, pinpoint the optimal healthcare facility for your specific requirements, coordinate appointments, facilitate prescription renewals, and demystify billing and payment choices.

Resource Library

Students will gain access to a vast array of resources meticulously tailored to every facet of their life’s journey. Topics encompass personal finance management, legal support, daily living, thriving tips, and exclusive discount shopping programs. Moreover, our searchable databases make it easy to find childcare solutions and discover meaningful volunteering opportunities.

Wellness Coaching

Our results-oriented coaching is designed to empower and inspire positive transformations that enhance holistic well-being. Students will benefit from personalized guidance, instruction, and motivation delivered by experienced nutritionists, personal trainers, and life coaches through convenient phone or video sessions.


Discover the benefits of our Pharmacy Program for students. Enjoy zero-cost select medications, pre-payment savings, and access to a prescription discount card. Plus, we offer significant savings on high-cost name-brand medications, sourced from trusted international pharmacies in Canada.